Sustainable World Strategies helps organizations be better and do better through responsible and sustainable growth. Our services focus on sustainable strategies, community relations, and business development.

Our company’s expansive network, deep relationships and unique experience innovating sustainability uniquely qualifies us to help Delaware-based organizations grow and thrive.

Our Targeted Clients Include:

Fortune 1000 Companies: We help Fortune 1000 companies strategically scale by optimizing the sustainability efforts of their supply chains.

Investment Companies: We educate investment companies on reducing risk and enhancing decision-making abilities by providing information on sustainability standards that can provide better returns on investments.

Professional Services Companies: We help professional services companies including accounting firms, law firms, insurance agents, and others to understand sustainability in a way that they can share with their clients, meaningfully adding value to their services and distinguishing themselves from their competition.

Delaware Based Organizations: We help Delaware-based organizations develop beneficial relationships in the community and among the business community to increase business, brand reputation, and community goodwill, and to reduce costs, retain talent and remain competitive.

Our Team:

Melanie George Smith

Melanie George Smith

Founder and CEO
Mark McElroy

Dr. Mark McElroy

Strategic Consultant
Joy Pettirossi

Joy Pettirossi-Poland

Strategic Consultant