A letter from our Founder & CEO, Melanie George Smith

Dear Friend:

The question I’m most often asked is “Why did you start Sustainable World Strategies?” It’s a logical question of someone who spent 16 years in public service and even longer as an attorney.

The short answer is because I wanted to do well by my family and do good for the world. I spent 16 years as a state legislator in a meaningful job but not making sufficient income to support my family. My years in the private sector, while providing a high quality of life from a financial perspective, did not feel like the most meaningful way for me to earn a living. I grew tired of the seeming trade-off: the more rewarding and meaningful the work, the less it paid, and the high-paying jobs seemed to have little opportunity for making a difference in the world.

Sustainability is the best of both worlds. It’s living in the business-world and deriving all of the pleasures from operating a successful business, including a healthy income, all while making the world a better place for your kids, family, community and people all around the globe.

Once I realized that a business that commits to global sustainability can outperform its non-sustainable competitors, a lightbulb went off. Not everyone realizes this connection. My aha moment was that I can share this winning strategy with everyone to help as many companies and organizations as possible succeed! We can innovate our way to solving world problems and make a profit while doing so.  

So, I’m on a mission to talk with you about what global sustainability is, why it will add value to your life, and how to develop global sustainability strategies. Come join me for a journey that will change your life.

Best Regards
Melanie George Smith
Founder & CEO of Sustainable World Strategies

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