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Sustainable World Strategies aims to drive social impact for Delaware organizations

NEWARK, DE (March 8, 2019) – Former Delaware State Representative, Melanie George Smith, has announced the official launch of her company, Sustainable World Strategies (SWS). The new management consulting firm focuses on helping organizations thrive by inspiring and empowering them to embrace social purpose. SWS works with clients to create the systems, processes, and strategies they need to achieve their goals through a commitment to sustainability.

SWS services include:

  • Sustainability Education: SWS understands that sustainability is a win-win strategy that will enable you to prosper by making the world better. SWS will inspire, energize and educate you and your stakeholders. Everyone from the board of directors to the c-suite to the front-line workers can learn about what sustainability is and the value it brings to your organization.  SWS can also teach service providers like lawyers and accountants about sustainability so they can better support their clients.
  • Community Relations: With over four decades of building relationships in Delaware, SWS can help companies establish strategic community relationships that will benefit both organizations and generate lasting impact.
  • Business Development: SWS specializes in growing market impact through win/win solutions for you and your clients, customers or donors.
  • Coaching: Do you need to grow your skills in any of these areas? SWS will work with you to create a custom coaching program to help you scale your abilities in sustainability, community relations or business development.

In launching Sustainable World Strategies, Smith hopes to inspire and emphasize to others that there doesn’t have to be a trade-off between doing well in business and doing good for the world.

“We no longer have to choose between making a profit and saving the world,” explains Smith. “In fact, saving the world is turning out to be quite profitable. The world has evolved, and one of the most positive steps is the snowballing force of global sustainability.”

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Melanie George Smith is an attorney and former State Representative. Smith co-chaired the Joint Finance Committee and was the past chair of the House Judiciary Committee. She recently retired after 16 years of public service to shift focus on driving organizational improvement by creating Sustainable World Strategies.

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